Environmental consciousness

Manufacturing is performed at a high-level management and clean environment incorporating GMP. Kyodo Printing has acquired ISO9001and ISO14001.
Manufacturing is at our plant which take pride in the quality of the industry most high level in Japan, and production conducted under high-level quality control standard without any compromise.

Kyodo Pronting’s endeavor to prevent global warming

Constructed the Sagamihara Plant in May.

The plant is built adjacent to the partner’s filling site.
No transportation process required.
Kyodo Printing is expecting to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 50 tons.

Since packing for truck delivery is not required, labor cost and package materials expense are eliminated. At the same time, customers’ labor cost of receipt of goods and unpacking, and used packaging materials disposal expenses are also unnecessary.

Seven times heat-insulation materials of average factories and heat pump type air-conditioner are adopted.
From construction, operation, to dismantling, reduce 23% CO2 emissions annually.

Pursuit of cleanness and quality

Products manufactured in class-100,000 cleanliness production area

Comprise production in class 100,000 clean room.
In order to maintain this hygiene level, the plant has many devices to prevent insects, dust, and any other foreign objects from getting in the production area, so as to protect the cleanliness of the plant.

Facilities are built higher than ground level

Not to mention the entrance, dressing room and hand washing place are one-step-higher, in order to prevent foreign objects entrance.

One-way logistics path.

The plant has separate sections designated as the entrance and the exit of materials.
This helps arrange and sort out materials and organize processes, and reduces contamination and human errors.

Fully automated interlock doors

As a countermeasure to migration and contamination, an anteroom is set before the incoming material reception entrance and outgoing goods delivery exit.
In addition, every individual entering the facility go through an air-shower chamber.
This is also a counter measure to contamination.

Protection against dust

A radius placed in the joint between the wall and the floor, and the windowsills are slanted downwards, in order to prevent dust from gathering.
Furthermore, the atmosphere in the facility is kept at a positive air pressure (higher than outside) so that there is a outward flow of air from within.
Device to remove dust from the garment and exposed skin surface.

Environmental consciousness

Our corporate social liability

Each branch and subsidiary in various countries practices environmentally-conscious activities.

Transparent energy consumption

We utilize an electricity consumption observation system for the entire facility.
All employees can monitor the current energy consumption gauge at any time.